Cost per Click (CPC)

What is Cost per Click (CPC)?

CPC (Cost per Click) is a way to charge advertisers for every click on one of their ads. If a campaign has a CPC of $2.31, it means an advertiser pays $2.31 to the owner of the ad space, whenever someone clicks on their ad.

How to calculate CPC

To calculate CPC, you will need:

  • Spend: The advertising spend
  • Clicks: The number of clicks

Ash has spent $20,000 on advertising and had 7,300 clicks. You can calculate the CPC as follows:

CPC = Spend ÷ Clicks
CPC = $20,000 ÷ 7,300
CPC = $2.74

See also

CPC is just one way to purchase/bid for advertising. CPM and CPA are the other most popular ways to do this:

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